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which contains the magic of nature and man's work

Leo Winexcellence, was born as a start-up from my passion for the world of wine, a passion that dates back over the years, even before starting to work in the sector. Passion for this nectar that contains the magic of nature and man’s work. Years of experience in the production cellars and at the same time the deepening of the knowledge of this wonderful sector which sees the achievement of the AIS sommelier certificate in 2011. A path that I have never considered concluded because the search for every story contained in every single bottle never runs out.

IT IS A DREAM THAT FINALLY CAME TRUE AND THAT ALWAYS PUSHED ME TO FACE NEW CHALLENGES, such as the continuous search for the best wines of my adopted region: Veneto, a place I fell in love with. This search for quality and the respect for an ancient tradition that is deeply rooted in this wonderful land are the red thread that connects my passion and my enthusiasm. But I could never forget my beloved mother land: Puglia and properly Salento, the land of the sea, sun and wind, where viticulture has been handed down for generations and where vineyards alternate with centuries-old olive trees.

LWE IS LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE PROSECCO HILLS, IN FARRA DI SOLIGO, ONE OF THE 15 MUNICIPALITIES THAT INCLUDE THE PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG AREA, BETWEEN CONEGLIANO AND VALDOBBIADENE. A land that stretches between hills and valleys close to the Prealps with enchanting landscapes where the vineyards climb the hillsides and alternate with forests, where if it is true that nature has been generous, the work of men has been able to make it fruitful and precious and it is no coincidence that we can speak of heroic viticulture.

FINALLY AFTER YEARS OF HARD WORK, THIS LAND IN 2019, WAS RECOGNISED A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. To the enhancement of the wines of the area is therefore added the promotion of knowledge of this corner of paradise through the organisation of tours to historical sites, tastings in the most characteristic, most traditional and most innovative prosecco cellars, with tours of the vineyards that climb the hills and pit stops to enjoy a glass of bubbles directly in the cellar or in the vineyard in breathtaking landscape.

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